Compare Light from babylon-viewer and my code

Hello I’m beginner.

I compare from babylon-viewer and my code, there is a difference from light. I have adjusted the position and tried different types of light the result is not suitable. So I want the playground to be the same as Babylon-viewer. How?

image from playground
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image from babylon-viewer

it’s from my playground

The Babylon Sandbox automatically loads an environment map as a light source when you load a glb or gltf file.

To do the same in your scene, don’t create the hemispheric light and instead load the same environment map the Babylon Sandbox does . See this updated playground:

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As @pnut said (for the Sandbox, but it is the same thing for the babylon viewer), you need to set an environment map (the default one used by the viewer is studio.env instead of environmentSpecular.env, though).

Also, the viewer is setting a default rendering pipeline: Using the Default Rendering Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation