Comparison between unity webGL and Babylon.js

Hello guys. I am trying to develop a metaverse website and came across babylon.js and unity webGL. Unity webGL have many features built-in with an editor but the main draw back I found was the build size and larger loading time which is significantly less in babylon.js. So which would be an optimal engine for webGL considering performace, memory usage, size and loading time.

hey that depend your design but base on my understanding babylonjs can do optimizing more.

this is one of full metaverse sample

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Actually I was using a framework called a-frame for building the website and the RAM usage exceeded almost 4GB. The issue I faced was that even if I remove the assets like glb models in the scene, RAM usage would never reduce. So I decided to skip the A-Frame. Does Babylon.js have such issues. I am completely new to both babylon and Unity. In unity, I saw in documentation that there is automatic unallocation of the memory.

i see the same issue in BAbylon but i am sure babylonjs dispose mesh dispose item from ram but i am not sure chorme make it free after dispose

anyway i guess you can test it easly with playground

if you see the same isssue make post here We ( babylonjs forum team ) fix that

Is there anyone who has experience with both? How different is the output of unity webgl vs babylonjs ?