Performance problem

Hello guys

I want to use babylon.js to develop an interactive 3d interface.
the problem is that the browser where I’m going to launch my interface is kind of an EWO (External Widget Object) into another software, this browser is little bit old than Chrome or Mozila, it is a Qt browser, then will there be a performance problem (speed) in my app ?? and how to fix it ??
(I want to lunch the interface offline)

thank you guys peaace :stuck_out_tongue:


First question is: does this browser support WebGL? How fast is their JS?

Yes it supports WebGL, cuz I build a Unity project as .asm file and I opened it using this last browser and it gives a good performance

So you should be ALL good :smiley:

I wish so, cuz I build it as web Assembly file and it doesn’t work until I switch to . asm file :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::