Consider changing over to using Git LFS?

Currently cloning the repo is 1.8 gigs but most of that is assets that aren’t getting diffed. Using LFS would only dl the latest assets. Thoughts?

Not sure if assets or history, did you try cloning without full history relying on --depth ?

But if it is all linked to assets, yes it might be a good idea.

@sebaven, do you know a light weight way to use latest instead of npm’s version? This stemmed from tried to use the github repo in my package.json but was huge and using the /src folder had all kinds of errors and warnings.

you could use the cdn version ??? maybe ??? this is always in sync with master.

Maybe? I didn’t see how to point package.json at a cdn… Also using


If there is there a way to point package.json properly and say just so the rest of the code base acts the same?

Unfortunately, as you use the es6 packages, there are no ways even to point at the repo cause the dist files are not available inside the repo.

We usually update them once a week or every couple of weeks. Is it not enough for your use case ?