Console errors regarding babylon files

Im getting these console errors. I did made some changes, but i reverted them back and was still getting these errors . Can someone help?

You are not getting replies because there is insufficient information to help you.

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Will be great to get more information. babylon.js should compile correctly, but it seems like you have changed it?

the reason I can surely say that babylon.js is working, is that our playground is using it.
Re-download the file or make sure you undo everything and try again. Otherwise you will have to provide more information

These are not my files.

Sure, will try something else and update. I have tried with the reverting of the code.

@RaananW It worked. Im not sure what went wrong. I got fixed somehow… i didnt do anything

That was the reason why i posted here, i checked thoroughly from my side, whether that was my issue or not.