Need help with a Sandbox Javascript from an expert or semi expert

Need a professional to assist me with something in a sandbox JavaScript. Shouldn’t be too hard Ive figured out most of it I just need help downloading all the console information and possibly fixing some “problems” in console with the code. There here are 2 million hashes in the console that are taking superlong to load and I want to download it all to my computer so the website doesnt have to keep loading everything.

I’m not sure I’m seeing a question about Babylon.js. Can you maybe describe more what you doing and what problem you are having?

FYI: This forum is for Babylon.js. This question is not related to Babylon.js as far as I can tell.

OK So I didnt see at the end of the Node.js editor mode it says … 1999900 more items

How do I see the rest of the items?

Sorry I didnt know I dont really even know how to code or anything I just found this forum searching on google for help.

I think is a more appropriate web site for your question.

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