Construction simulation

Planning a project where we will need to achieve something similar this

Or this

With the goal to achieve the construction simulation in the most programmatic way, so import the assets, configure the simulation parameters in external file such as geography and biome, number of characters, time of day, weather, construction stage.

The engine need to push out a image sequence without any human intervention, as a render engine governed by APIs and not an interactive game.

Having experience on more traditional realtime 3d engine such as Unreal Engine Im struggling to understand what are the relative limitations of if webGL frameworks such as Babylon.js.

That would be quite the project! The scope is plausible with webgl though you might have to make some consideration for capabilities of the clients that will be using it though and cut back quite a bit of the flair (maybe not depending on how well you optimize everything). Functionality wise it is more then possible.

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On the document I read many PlayCanvas examples but none with Babylon.js.
There are reasons to suppose BJS might be better for the kind of project I’m planning?

I wanna have some magical statment to assure you such, but honestly it’s a point of preference.

Which will you have more support for, how much are you willing to invest into development, what is your target audience, what kind of developers do you have acess to and what is their preferred working environment?

Given the scope of your project I can pretty confidently say it’s going to have technical hurdles no matter which way you decide to go.

On a side note I’m pretty sure anything playcanvas can do we can do with a smaller package.


And with a really reactive support:)

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