EdTechMED Bronchoscopy Simulation with BJS


Hello Babylonian partners!

I am proud to share my first EdTech web app initiative, with the inestimable support of BJS framework! It is not complete enough, in terms of the educational resources, but I am receiving interest messages of medical schools, here in Brasil, which if I get luck, will enabled it evolution and application.


So, I want to thanks for all the BJS Team who made this promise possible!


This is so cool!!!
Would you like to add a reference here:


Thanks @Deltakosh
You are one of the main responsible for this project happen!
Sure I want! But, please guide me because I never do it before!


Well, I do want I think it is to do in Github!

Please see if it is right.



really impressive !
nice work and nice project :slight_smile:


Thanks @jerome !

In fact, I am not an expert in programming like many of our fellows! But I am obstinate and do my best when I face an challenge!


your best is awesome (“you do your best”), keep on that way :wink:


This is really cool, but the mouselock on the controls makes it really hard to get pointed in the direction you need!



Excuse some difficulties you are experiencing, because I need to do a better help and need to fine tune some issues too! But the best approach is go back and reorient/turn before reach the bifurcation!


@NRA did you created a PR for the change

I see no PR so far :slight_smile:


Excuse me @Deltakosh it is my first time like I said!

Already do it


no worries


It is ok now?