Controlling Virtual Object and Physical Object using BabylonJS and Arduino

Hi everyone,

I want to demonstrate my simple work using BabylonJS. Here, I use Arduino to move the robot arm as a physical object and BabylonJS to visualize the robot arm in the real world (although the physical and virtual models are not the same haha). I can control the movements of the virtual robot arm using input from the potentiometer on Arduino. On the other hand, I can also grind the physical robot arm using input from the slider in the scene.


This is so cooooooool !!! @PirateJC

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Thank you !!!

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Oh man this is INCREDIBLE! I’m obsessed with IOT applications like this! Amazing!

Do you mind if I put this on the list of projects to be considered to be featured in our next release video?


Sure, that would be great… Thank you :smile: :smile:

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Whoaaa innovative :smiley:

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