Ultimate Babylon Toy

It is amazing what you can do with only VanillaJS using Babylon.js, Web Bluetooth and Firebase (why doesn’t everyone just use JavaScript… :grin:). Have been messing around with a project for a while: “Lego” Blocks that show up on the screen/a 3D Sculpting Display.

Been a very rewarding way of trying to learn how to use Babylon/JavaScript - I suppose the basic nature of the system shifts focus away from polished/complex graphics, controller inputs etc.

Sadly you can’t do that much with the app w/o having the hardware. :neutral_face: The help button in the right down corner of the app will bring up YouTube clips to explain the different games.


If anyone finds the stuff interesting, send me a message, we have a couple of prototypes laying around.



Btw, if it isn’t obvious, would be very grateful for any feedback/criticism. Bilo.online doesn’t work for you? You have suggestions on how to improve etc….


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Now we can add that real ‘solid touch feeling’ to our virtual BabylonJS projects :slight_smile:
Wonderful inspiration!

If only I could find a way to connect this wired-USB cab driver toy thingee:
…to my GeekTrains :nerd_face::steam_locomotive: BabylonJS project.



You could use these blocks as a intuitive 3D modeling tool. Just build and export your physical creation as STl. and print them useing the 3D print tool found under settings at bilo.online.


Thanks Q,

Awesome (geek)train simulator you have there. I suppose you actually can connect that monster, WebUSB seems to be a thing… everything is possible on the interweb :sunglasses:



Here’s a demo that shows the block’s ability to perform different functions based on their orientation when placed on the base. Here the block is used as a manual color selector. When the block is placed on the colored zone a color is selected depending on its orientation.


Definitely a really great toy!!!

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Thanks for the kind words. It has lots of potential. Our content is super simple currently. Anyone interested please don’t be shy and send Gurka a message and we will happy to get it your hands.

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We have some updated software to show off :grinning. We made what we are calling "advanced free build. This new tool lets us create more complex objects with a small number of physical blocks.

Here’s a link to the build page if you want to poke around: bilo


I’m initially critical of the name but that is for sure Lego 2.0 i would like to see the technic blocks.

I wonder how the blocks respond to endless hapless play.
I wonder when mojang@minecraft’s Lego deal expires XD

Not to mention the manufacturability of creations, very impressive. [A step closer to the 3d printer printing a 3d printer paradox/apocalypse :]

The spatial familiarity to be garnered, alone qualifies this. A generation immune to gimbal lock. Those for whom a quaternion is no more remarkable than an unsigned integer.

The conceptual “zero” included only as a definitive courtesy. Unremarkable if not for it’s place standing on edge between reason and insane malarky, a chaotic intrusion towards otherwise variable sanity.

An inferred definitive at odds. “1” is as whole as “0” is devoid. Okay reasonably assumed. Carry on.

I accept your ones and zeros as my own.
Soz had to work that out. If you can have zero you can have i^2=-1

From there only imagination can limit mathematics, and I love a good imagination.

If c squared is basically infinity it might as well be -1

So any stray energy is more than no energy? One square root of one energy is the least palpable amount of energy?

Inverse square synergy

A lot to say I think this project is cool.


Here 's a video quick video Ii made that shows the interaction of the physical blocks with our advanced free build software.


This all pretty raw at this point but it’s fun to show you guys and get feedback!


Thanks for the feedback and the comments! It’s really appreciated, the comments give us some hope that we are not creating something that no one is interested in :smiley_cat:. Yeah, the name might not be the best… the origin of the Bilo name comes from the word bilocation.

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