Create a point on each vertex of a mesh

I need to create points on each vertex of a mesh. I’m able to create small ‘spheres’, but they are not real points. The point should be of a fixed size no matter of the zoom ( like the gizmo ) and if the mesh is big the performance is very bad.
So, what’s the best approach to create a point on each vertex with a good performance ?
Thank you in advance for the answer

Here is one I created earlier with SPS. Might give improved performance but does not solve the fixed size issue

This one changes the scale of the points based on the camera radius

Hope that helps.

the same with billboarded quads :

arg, the CloudPointSystem is still on my todo list …

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How can I pick the selection of one or more vertices?
My next step is to let the user select and drag vertex/vertices .

SPS allows pickable particles Use the Solid Particle System - Babylon.js Documentation

this one auto-scales the quad size according to the distance between the camera and the mesh :

Thank you ! This is exactly what I was searching for.