Hello Babylon Forum!

Hello everyone, my name is Rae and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s worked on Babylon one way or another! I was incredibly impressed with the latest 5.0 release video.
I used to be in networking (mostly cisco), and have transitioned to a 3D artist in games, but lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of messing with XR and making games myself. I’ve found myself brushing up on javascript again and found this incredible project and wanted to say I’m excited to start learning more about this 3d engine and the world of development.

I also hope everyone had a nice holiday or got a break of some sort! See you around!


Awesome to hear @raeis3d and welcome to the community!

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Hi and Welcome to the Community,
Thanks a lot for introducing yourself with this first post and ‘praising’ the qualities of our favorite toy and tool :smile:

It is rare that people make their first contact in a tech forum not simply by complaining, questionning or challenging. In fact, I think I only saw this happen here… And you are right, and most or all of us feel the same: Babylon.js is a world apart from the others and we are happy that you are so enthusiastic about it.

I’m sure your networking skills and 3D art skills will also be put to good use here. And by sharing your XP with the Community you can help us make BJS even better. I’m always amazed to see the progress that has been made in so little time (since v3 or 4.2) and the pace is only increasing, whilst always remaining true to the roots. :smiley:

So again, welcome to our extended family and don’t hesitate to ask, comment or share with the team and the community.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:


Welcome to the community !!! Love your intro !!!

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Welcome in the community!!