Create path between two points

Hi. I would like to create a path between two points to animate the walk of a character between these two points. The scenario of this would be a house, so the character must be able to go through open doors. Is it possible to do this?

Most definitely.

Suggested reading.

If the door is open and the character fits the doorway and the path goes through the door thrn the character will enter the house.

Thanks for your answer, the question is not how to animate the character, it is how to get that path. The start point would be a room of the house and the end point another room (in the same floor), so the character has to go through many open doors and others rooms…

This example might work for you: Yuka | Corridor + Follow Path

Source code:

More YUKA game engine examples with babylon.js provided by @labris

Is your issue like the travelling sales man problem. You can define a given path from a room to any adjoining room, then given you are in room A and want to get to a room B somewhere in the house then what is the path from A to B?

If so the PG in this post

does something like that. The route is shown with blue spheres.

The full thread also talks about navigation mesh which may also be useful for you.