Mini-Tutorial for "Newbies" 2 - Character walking on Navigation Mesh using "Point To Navigate Method"

Good afternoon Group!

This time I want to share another mini-tutorial for “Newbies” including the code about Character walking on Navigation Mesh using “Point To Navigate Method”.



The workflow is similar to my previous post, in this case I have decided to work with Reallusion Character Creator and iClone.

As you can see in iClone I’ve only used two animations, one Idle and one Walk.

  • This picture is just a reference, finally i used a shorter idle animation

Once i´ve the animations, i exported the character in FBX using the ranges of the animations.

I imported the animations in Blender and using NonLinearAnimation Editor I have combined them in the character.

Once the animations have been stitched together, I have exported the character in GLB format and reviewed it using the Babylon JS Sandbox.

Later I used the tool GLTFReport to compress the Mesh.

Finally, in the code you can see the method as it’s well documented on the BJS website, in this case applying it to use it on a character:


@DRLeria you rock !!! @PirateJC another great content !!!

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