CreatePolygon is not getting reflected on scene

I am replacing my closed line with polygon to fill colour in it. Below is what i am trying, but this is not reflecting on the scene.
Where as when i replacing Polygon with line mesh, it is getting plotted.

departmentBoundary.forEach((boundary, index) => {
      const points: BABYLON.Vector3[] = this.getMultiLineToCoordinate(boundary.geom_outline);

      const polygon = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreatePolygon(`department${index}`, { shape: points }, this.scene, earcut);
      // const polygon = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLines(`department_${index}`, { points }, this.scene);
      // polygon.color = BABYLON.Color3.Green();
      material.diffuseColor = BABYLON.Color3.Green();
      polygon.material = material;
      polygon.parent = this.rootNode;
      console.log('polygon', polygon);

expected (the below red lines should be with polygon)

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Would you be able to reproduce that on the playground ( share a (non-)working scene?