please help me to color this closed object drawn using lines

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can we color inside lines area without adjusting ground width and height?

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Can you be more precise on what you want to achieve please?

Our aim is to draw a closed shape (for eg: square , pentagon or any with more than 3 and less than 10 vertex) with line or anything . and need to give color to the shape

If you use lines, your lines is your shape. It does not delimit a shape within the lines, so you cannot color it or texture it. There are multiple ways however you can achieve that. I.E. Instead of drawing lines, you could draw a shape and use edge rendering.

Here’s also another PG (a bit more complex)

And then, there are lots of other methods but I’d say if your aim is to draw a shape and fill-it in with a stroke, the easiest is probably to just draw this shape.

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I think you are interested in something like this:

Change the value of tesselation to 4 and you get a square.

If you don’t want the shape to be shaded and to have a uniform color, disable it’s lighting and set it’s emissiveColor like I did on lines 13 and 14.


Hi, the team I need to draw a zone/shape (a shape with min coordinates of 3 and a max of 10 ) and need to fill a color inside the shape, and need to change the shape coordinates by dragging it. On an obj model I used lines but it’s not possible to achieve the same using it coordinates example will be [x,y.z]

You can use the gizmos for moving, scaling and rotating you mesh on the scene.