Creating a door: scale vertex group independently

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I would like to create a dynamic door that is able to resize but keep the height of the top and bottom bar, same for the width of the left and right bar.

What I have done so far (in Blender) is to create six vertex group (H_TOP, H_MID, H_BOT & L_LEFT, L_MID, L_RIGHT) and associate them with six bones in one or two armatures.

If I have two armatures (and consequently) two modifiers, I am be able to scale only H_MID (only z direction in blender) and L_MID (only y direction in blender) and get the expected result. The problem is that if I export the file to Babylon, there are two separated skeletons (two modifiers), but the door can have only one, and I can only H_MID or L_MID (depends on the order of the modifiers)

If I try to merge the two armatures into one (and consequently only on modifier) the weight seem to be normalised (even though they display 1,1,1,1) and the door gets distorted.

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Pinging @Vinc3r or @gryff who master Blender the most

Thank you @Deltakosh, the idea is to have a (dynamic) door.

I have done it in Blender because I know a it little and there is an exporter for Babylon but I can try to adapt to other program if necessary…

Nope blender is perfectly fine :wink: I let the experts chime in

I’m not use to animations, but maybe you can try shapkeys instead of armatures?

Here a very quick test:

By playing with animations it may be possible to activate only horizontal or vertical movement.

With armatures I can’t succeed to not deform my object in a wrong way.

.blend (2.8) & .glb (138.5 KB)

@Vinc3r exactly what I am looking for.

Actually I am trying to create a CAD-like (of course very basic) and without any animation. Do we have any performance penalty with animation or no at all? And how do I get the new bounding box of the animated object (it doesn’t seem to change)?

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I suppose if you have a lot of elements animated, this could impact performances. But in your case if I well understand you just want to change an object value in a frame-time, so even if its impact framerate you just have to show a wainting screen.

About the bounding box I can"t help you too much 'cause I’m not sure how to “play” with them, but check & try by looking into the API: Mesh - Babylon.js Documentation (I think this refreshBoundingInfo(true) is what you want, if I’m refering to this closed issue)

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Perfect! Thank you for your time, @Vinc3r @Deltakosh. I found very welcomed as a beginner on the forum. Wish you all the best.