Creating forklift or reach truck for warehouse?

Hi team,

Im pretty new to babylon js and im trying to build a warehouse simulation with forklifts that can have tracking according to the coordinates which i have already have. Could someone help me on this?

Hi @Manish_Michael

You will have to ask more specific questions. Are you having problems with a part of the engine?

i want to create a forklist vehicle. how do i do that? and then i will have to move it around the warehouse as per the tracking coordinates(later is the first priority for now)

Start small then. Append your mesh to the scene, then animate it.
Or you can use navigation Crowd Agents | Babylon.js Documentation
Or even physics.
It’s easier for us to help you if you have specific questions on the engine and its use.

Im sorry is my question making you confused?

I want to create a forklift(vehicles used in a storage warehouse).
I have no idea how to create it.

You can start doing something in Blender:

@Manish_Michael Babylon.js is a 3D rendering framework. It will not help you create a model unless you want to create the model procedurally. Using Blender (as @Cedric points out with the YouTube link) or some other 3D modeling tool to create a 3D asset (glTF preferred) may be a better choice.

Sure, thank you, will check accordingly