CSG wrong behaviour


I don’t know why, but when i migrated from .babylon models to .glb and activated rightHandedSystem i have incorrect cut of my meshes. Looks like normals are inverted. Also i’m using draco compression. Why this happens?



This is my playground - Playground

You can use the second parameter on CSG.toMesh and not set the parent on the resulting mesh: CSG wrong behaviout on GLB | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)


I have an issue with positioning. Because CSG.FromMesh(mesh, true) sets incorrect pivotPoint for me. I need assign it to the group back, that’s why I created the parenting in my fucntion. That means that I should not use the second parameter as true.

May be another solution exists for my problem?

This is important for my project.

Then you’ll probably need to flatten out the parenting structure by baking the parent’s transform into the child’s