CSG problem with imported meshes


I have done kitchen configurator and now i ran into a problem with CSG operation. I was thinking that i could use CSG to cut holes into tabletops for sinks. But now i have serious problems to implement this. I cant make a hole to tabletop without breaking the texture cordinates.

I have tested this with imported models where sink and tabletop are both modeled in 3ds max and then exported as GBL. I also tried to create tabletop in babylon with code but the results are almost same.

PG where all models are imported and CSG added:

PG where tabletop are created as box in BJS and CSG added:

Is there any way to make this work with CSG or is there any other technics to make hole into tabletops? Iā€™m already a little bit desperate and i would greatly appreciate your help :pray:

The absolute parameter of the fromMesh method is your friend when something does not work with CSG / you are dealing with right-handed meshes:


Thank you so much @Evgeni_Popov :pray: :trophy: :gem: This tip saved my day!!! The solution was closer than I could ever imagine.