Cutting with imported mesh doesn't work

Hi everyone,

I really have a problem with an imported mesh that i want to cut with a box using the subtract function.

Here’s my playground

if the sliced object is a sphere, it works perfectly well, if it’s my object, it doesn’t word because the result (in red) object keeps the box inside instead of deleting it.

Where is my mistake ?

Thanks a lot for any help.


gltf/glb files are using a right handed system and are a bit hard to work with when using CSG.

What you can do is setting scene.useRightHandedSystem = true; and passing true as the 2nd parameter of the CSG.FromMesh method:

Ok, it works now perfectly well in the playground - that’s why there are Jedi Masters but also rookies like me :wink: - but the same code doesn’t work in my environment code.

Is there a special library to add ?

I added three libraries
babylon.js, earcut.min.js, babylon.glTFFileLoader.js

Hard to tell… The Playground is doing this:

You can try to add all dependencies and remove them one by one until it fails.

ok, I will look at that.

and I have another problem. If I try to cut the same object another time, i find again the same issue.

Once you have done a CSG operation with the original meshes, they are not in right-handed system anymore, so you should use false as the 2nd parameter of FromMesh:

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Thank’s, I will now adapt it in my development environment.