dat.GUI typescript support in the Playground

Hi guys, :hugs:

I wanted to use the ‘dat.GUI’ library in our Playground but with Typescript.
If I try to reference ‘dat’ I get my fingers beaten with the message:

Cannot find name ‘dat’.

Are the types missing for the lib? Do I try to use it wrong? Any help appreciated! :sweat_smile: :nerd_face:
So far I used a dirty workaround and declared the dat just as any (which feels kinda stupid :thinking:)

declare var dat: any;

Yes we do not add external dependencies in the TS package analyzers so your solution is the right one :wink:


Thanks for the fast reply! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Just for a better understanding: May I ask you why? Is this a technical decision or for another reason?