debugLayer, position mode, move mesh, in playground the debugLayer.
2.enable position mode. a mesh in canvas (not in explerer)
4.move it, sometime, release the mouse, the mesh will still move with mouse
like this:


sorry, followed your steps, but i can’t seem to be able to reproduce that.
What browser are you using? is it possible that you release the mouse outside the window/canvas frame?

I reproed it! Pinging @cedric as this seems to be an issue with gizmos

I have a repro! I’m taking a closer look

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Fix PR is live

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I am still having kind a similar error to this.

my package.json looks like this:

It seems like the error does not drop in the playground so it has to be isolated to my local.

Any ideas @Cedric

After a quick look to utilityLayerRenderer.ts, getEngine is called on originalScene (which must be null). No idea how that can happen. If you manage to make a PG, I’ll take a look.

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Yeah and then it magically stopped out of nowhere.

Really odd, Ill see if I can figure out how I made it happen.

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