Defend - Tower defense webgame

Hey everyone!

Seeing some nice performance improvements with the new release! I’ve made a slew of fixes/improvements and I’m ready to get stricter feedback from you!

Tell me what you think! :grinning:

Play it here:


still loving it :slight_smile:

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Still a nice game. But I’m so lame, I always fail after 2 waves only :see_no_evil:

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I did make it much harder now. Enemies are faster, more numerous and more agile. Towers are more expensive but they fire quicker the projectiles are more powerful.

You’ll have to rely on fewer well placed towers and almost perfect resource management. This will allow you to recover even if a few enemies penetrate your defenses from time to time.

However, you can use physics to your advantage by placing a tower underneath an incoming enemy to push it into the air and hopefully away from your energy bank, giving you more time to engage.

Still, perhaps the game is too difficult? Hope it doesn’t get frustrating. If so, it’s best to ease up and maybe bring the cost of the towers down to allow for more mistakes during play.

Very enjoyable and addicting, but I don’t understand why at some point my energy bank gets red and everything explodes. Overheating?

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Thanks for playing!

Red means that it has been impacted by an enemy or projectile. The small blue cubes are remnants of the enemy that hit the bank. If your energy bank has lower hitpoints than the enemy who penetrated your defenses then the game is over and should say Defeat. The red color should only show for about 60 milliseconds after an impact. If it does not go away then your system might be busy with other tasks and will not process the timers when needed so it may freeze.

I may replace these timeouts with a Delta time if it is more performant. This would rely on request animation frame instead of a timeout.

Your system seems to be capable since it’s rendering the particles and the glow effect. Both would be disabled by the optimizer if the framerate dropped below 60 for some time.

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