Details about the forest WebGPU demo

Unlike the ocean demo, I’m not seeing what makes this one specifically beneficial in using webgpu over webgl2.

I’ve tested out the code and I can get the same forest demo running at 60fps on webgl2. Is there some benefit that webgpu brings to the performance overhead?

I also get these errors seemingly at random which causes a blank screen when using webgpu engine, not doing anything special, just the same forest code.
Destroyed texture [Texture "BabylonWebGPUDevice0_TextureCube_1024x1024x6_wmips_rgba16float_samples1"] used in a submit.

The advantage of WebGPU is that CPU time is very low. Depending on your computer, the demo may run at 60fps in WebGL, but the CPU time will be much higher than in WebGPU. As your budget is 16.6 ms per frame (to run at 60fps), reducing the CPU time will make it easier to stay below this threshold.

I’ve run the demo several times and didn’t get the error you’re reporting. What operating system/browser are you using to run it?

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