Developer available for hire

Hi there,

Experienced developer (graphics, network, database, robotics) available for hire.

I am initially looking for a part-time job for the nights – 25 hours per week – but an amazing proposal might change my mind, of course.

I wrote a few 3D engines in the past and do have a deep knowledge of 3D graphics APIs and the involved mathematics (vector math and linear algebra).

Two videos from one of my own 3D engines built from scratch (Javascript + WebGL):

Another using my own 3D engine also built from scratch (C# + Direct3D):

Yet another (yes, I like rendering planets) built from scratch (C++ and OpenGL):

Two videos of homebrew game prototypes I made in Unity3D:

Video of a homebrew VR prototype I made in Unreal:

And a Desktop prototype also made in Unreal:

Experiments using Babylon.js in some way:

My threads on Babylon.js forums:

It was a great honour to make one humble contribution to the docs as well:

I also made many freelance work and worked professionally for some time on small game companies.

Please contact me directly by e-mail: imerso --(@)-- << please note that the address is masked to avoid spam bots.

Additional notes:

  • I will send you my Wise bank account which routes through a USA bank then reaches my account in Brazil; to you it is a normal USD bank account, just in the USA instead of Brazil;

  • I am not a real company; I can send invoices but I expect to receive a few (first five?) days after sending, on a reliable way;

  • I am at GMT-3 and our timezones probably overlap for some hours but not the entire day; I will still work the agreed hours per day, just not within your timezone.

Thank you.


Thank you for that, and for your patience with all of our craziness :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll find some interesting tasks in no time.


For what it’s worth (not much) I would hire you if only one of my client would finally kick in. Working on it. Stay tuned :wink:
By any means, the diversity of your skills is a real asset. Don’t give up, I’m sure your day will come :smiley:


Anyone who hires you will be an absurdly lucky person :smiley:


This is quite a portfolio of awesome work!


Hi-- love your work and would like to connect about potential part time job you posted about. What is the best email to reach you at?


Thank you! I masked the e-mail above because of the spam robots that scan sites 24/7 and add us to spam mail-lists, but it’s probably too masked. =)

Anyway, received your contact from the site and will be replying right now.

Thank you again!

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Hello, I sent you a message too!


Some good months later, I am available again. Details are on the first post of this thread.

Thank you!

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Hi there. I would like to talk to you about a possible babylonJS project. Can we discuss privately?

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Yes, my email is imerso (a t) imersiva . com .


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Hi Vander,

Just checking if you received my email?


Hi Geoidesic, just answered your email.

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Are you sure the AI didn’t decode your email with this format :rofl: Lucky you, you’re in the bjs forum else you would already be spammed. Anything you’d like to ‘enlarge’? :joy:

Hah, soon enough AI will make all of us obsolete. Not sure if we should be happy or not, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not the time just yet from my latest attempts. But things are moving fast (faster than me, that’s for sure :wink:) Meanwhile, have yourself a great (human’s) day :sunglasses: :grin:

Are you still available for hire @imerso

Hello @INTRACTboss
Are you looking for 3D developer to work for you now?
If so, I’m available for hire now.
I’m a 3D developer who is experienced in Babylon.js, Three.js, Blender, Autodesk 3Ds max, and Unity 3D. Hope to have a discussion with you.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out. Where are you based?

Hello @INTRACTboss
Yes. I’m based in Canada.
And if it works for you, we can discuss via this email.