Difference Between All Methods of importing assets

Hi , I am seeing so many types of asset loading methods in babylonjs like assetManager, AssetContainer, ImportMesh, SceneLoader.append etc… . Why these? what is the difference between all of these.

ImportMesh only import meshes, SceneLoader.append import everything from a file (.babylon, .gltf, etc) into the scene and AssetContainer lets you import data into a container, data that you can move to the scene whenever you want (whereas SceneLoader.append will import directly into the scene at the time you call the method).


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Thanks for your info @Evgeni_Popov . I think it is clear little bit. But Still I have some doubts. You say SceneLoader.append will import .gltf or something else directly into the scene. Then what the Babylon.ImportMesh will do?

It imports only meshes, not other types of objects (particle systems, lights, etc).

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yes @Evgeni_Popov . Understood, I am asking , whether it will import mesh directly into the scene or not?

Yes, ImportMesh will import meshes directly into the scene.

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Thanks @Evgeni_Popov

Then What these two will do - assetManager, AssetContainer

AssetManager will also let you load individual assets like sounds, videos, text files, etc: Asset Manager | Babylon.js Documentation

There are some intersections between these methods (AssetManager can also load meshes) as I think they have not been developped at the same time.