Difference Between HTML menus and UI elements

Hi Guys, I am curious what pros and cons of using html/css to build your menu vs using the gui tools that comes with babylon GUI system.

For example, if I wanted to create a toolbar that has multiple buttons on it like in Autocad. I’ve got a couple different ways to do this. I can create a <ul> with a bunch a <li><a href=""></li> for the buttons. Or I can use the babylon gui and add stack panel or grid panel, and have nested buttons.

So my question is which way is better and why


So the comparison is here GUI | Babylon.js Documentation

Realistically, it kind of depends what your target in the end would be. If the app will always be on browser then there’s nothing stopping you from using HTML. I personally go fully with the Babylon GUI because my target platform maybe native and I want very simple io between the UI and game logic.

Another reason I like to do everything fully GUI is because I just think the code looks cleaner and hate using 3rd party libs


The HTML stuff wont appear in XR/VR but if you don’t need that support you can get away with html menus.


Thanks Guys. I decided to go with GUI. Whilst html is easier, I wanted to have better event control

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