Menus should i use babylonjs or just html/css?

I’m about to put in the popup menu that lets you quit/save the game and adjust game options like keybindings and stuff. anyway I was wondering is there a reason to do this inside the 3d engine. it seems like it would be better to keep it outside the canvas/game window unless there is something actually in the 3d world that is being clicked on, but i’m asking lest i get deep in to it and find that there was a really good reason for doing it with babylon js.

I should clarify i’m not really talking about the heads up display for the player to do game actions. This is almost, outside the game. That is opening the menu pauses the game.

so, for game conotrol menus, is there an argument to be made for using babylonjs or html/css? or is this just do what is easiest?

Because it’s easier to customize the design of UI elements with CSS, I tend to just use HTML/JS/CSS for UIs that can be achieved as full-screen overlays.

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no issues i guess? Unless someone else chimes in with a big hang up they had. i’ll just keep going down that path. thanks for the response!

Haven’t had any issues, no.