Differences in amount of vertices btwn. BlenderExporter 5.6.4. and 6.3.0

Hey there!
I am experiencing some huge differences in vertex count and thus file size.

Am i missing some export flag like: convert to flat shaded? Seems to be something like that.

Andy ideas?


Pinging @JCPalmer and @PirateJC

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Yes, this is a major advancement for 6.x ! Some details here. Basically, the exporter is out of the smooth / flat normals business. Your side by side pictures show it. All the details are easily visible on the newer monkey, and now not only on a mesh by mesh basis, but on a vertex by vertex basis.

The UI now is much better for normals setting using the right click menu. We are taking advantage of that. You could just select all your meshes (AA), then right click, & select Shade Smooth off the menu to go back the crap 5.6 generated.

You can now do anything the UI allows for & see it reflected in the export the same way it is reflected in Blender itself.

What if you had 2 meshes with the same material, but one shaded flat & the other smooth? If you merged them for performance, half the combine mesh is going to be wrong. You can even edit a mesh switching on a face by basis. Select your faces, then pick off the Face menu.


Now i get it. Thanks for your explanation. This is awesome!