Different animation of the instances

I searched the whole forum and couldn’t find an answer to my question. Is it realistic to play different animation frames on instances? I also need to be able to stop/play an animation of only 1 instance

I guess you are finding Baked Texture Animations | Babylon.js Documentation?


Yes, I saw that. But I would like to consider options on cpu

It’s not supported, you will need to use baked texture animations if you want to support different animations for instances.

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Can you tell me if I have to convert my .glb to .babylon for VAT?

No, you don’t have to.

Once the meshes are loaded, you can follow the examples from the doc to generate and use VAT.

I actually created a POC some time ago:

It let’s you* play different animations on instances, as well as allows you do move, scale and rotate bones dynamically. My arachnid is a bad test case as it has 110 bones(loads of helpers from Max’ IK)
It’s only a very basic POC and could probably do with quite a bit of rewriting. For instance, meshes not in the camera’s frustum are still calculated. I just did a quick test using the VAT shader

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