Can VAT control thin instance animations on demand?

Hi guys, i am a noob of babylon.js.I’ve seen a lot thinInstance VAT examples but none of them can control animations precisely. Is that possible?The workround is expecting:
1.load a glb model(more like a robot) that has 3 animations(A1,A2,A3)
2.create 500 thin instances
3.baking animations of each thin instance with the three animations.
4.consuming real-time data, control each instance to play one of the 3 animations, or just moving to specifc coord and rotating…etc.

Besides, based on that scenario, It is recommoned to use thin instances or regular instance(or just clone)?

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From the doc:

A limitation of the current VAT implementation is that you cannot blend animations to play simultaneously. Also, the animations may not be as smooth as when not using BVA because there is no interpolation between frames. The "smoothness" will depend on the number of frames of the animation.

If these limitations are ok for you, then VAT is a great choice. If you are using 500 instances, it’s probably your only choice, because animating so many skeletons on the CPU would be too slow.

Very appreciate your reply! :heart:So, based on the doc, one of the limitation is the instance cannot get “tansition” between states(blend), but it should be possible to take fully control of which instance to play which animation.right?
For example, manually control the 245th instance play the second animation(A2) through coding?

Yes, see [OPEN SOURCE] Multiplayer 3D RPG Using Colyseus - #285 by Evgeni_Popov for example (there are other threads in the forum related to thin instances and VAT).

Got it! Thanks :smiley: I will try to dive in