Disable console logging in thinengine

Hi, currently there is a console.log in ThinEngine.js
that produces the following log in JS console

        const versionToLog = `Babylon.js v${ThinEngine.Version}`;
        console.log(versionToLog + ` - ${this.description}`);

Is there a way to disable it?

Hi, something like this could help. Run this code before initializing BJS ofcourse :slight_smile:

const consoleLog = console.log
console.log = (...data) => {
    !data[0].includes('Babylon.js ') && consoleLog(data.join(", "))

You can set the console.log handler back to consoleLog at any time.





Agree with @roland but this is sad :slight_smile: Why not let the world (the F12 ppl of it) know you use Babylon :slight_smile:

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Ah…didn’t realize this was promotional and intentional. Now that I think of it makes much sense :slight_smile:

Not really promotional but truly intentional, as it makes us all smile when we open the dev tool and notice Babylon in the log :wink:

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