Discord/slack; is there one; would people want one?

Hi There,

Is there a discord or slack community for babylonjs peeps? If not, I’d be happy to make one; it’s been really useful for a lot of other libraries I work with, to meet the other people working in the same system, in slightly more real time mode than in a forum.

The idea has been raised before but I don’t think core people are in favour, and I tend to agree. I like having everything in one forum, under distinct topic headings and readily searchable. Discussions on Slack and Discord are only a tad more immediate but there’s a lot of cross-talk, not enough topic/channel granularity and critical information is lost or hard to find. Having both a forum and chat would likely just fracture the community.


There is nothing stopping you from making a cool kids hangout though.


I would be down for one :slight_smile:

I always appreciate having a chat community. I’d use it! My company uses Slack, but I’m used to using Discord for most dev communities.

Having had more experience with the forum, which is… gosh… amazing, I wouldn’t want to split/hide solutions in another venue; however, I am also a huge fan of getting to know other developers in the community/ecosystem you’re working in. So, if people were interested for quasi social reasons, I’d be way down to make one. (quasi social = chat, share projects, help each other find gigs, etc.).

  • the occasional discord voice/video happy hour.

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@Pryme8 yooooo what is this from!!!

Tod Browning’s Freaks 1932.


There exists one fairly active Discord channel on WebXR. Would it be OK to share it here?

sure go ahead

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All right, there’s a WebXR Discord server at https://discord.gg/ZfgT9q. It has also a BabylonJS channel. :slight_smile:


Imma be in that channel.