Would anyone use a Bjs Discord?

Have we thought about tossing up a server? The only thing is it might detract from questions being possed on the forums unless we make strict rules to have development conversations restricted to the forum.

Anyone else feel like the would use it?

I’ve asked some months ago to Deltakosh if he was agree that I opening a BJS Discord, but he has a good point to not doing this: Discord discussions aren’t public, and so can’t be parsed with search engines.

As we’re all here in a niche, I’m agree this could kill community visibility (and so, engine use).

I’m an active user on a french 3D Discord, which is subdivide in multiple channels exactly like a standard forum, and my feeling is that’s a shame 'cause a lot of information is shared, but it’s a pain in the ass to retrieve a specific message, even if it was posted only a few days ago.

But, this can be avoid as you say with very strict rules: only tchat (so only one channel).

So to summarize my opinion: a tchat is great for a community, but it have to take care to not kill the forum.


That would be my main concern. Just like have the admins as soon as someone asks a questions, they have a script command that automatically links the person to the forum and give them instructions to create a forum post, with a little blurb about how important it is to document questions on the public side.

Lol, this is NOT a Dischord? I thought it was.

What platform is this forum on?

To answer your question… of course I would use it.

TOO MUCH (as usual).


I think Discourse is used as forum software here.