Documentation Example doesn't work properly

The example of full configuration in the Babylon Viewer docs doesn’t work properly.
The loading screen and model is OK, but navigation bar buttons don’t work.

pinging @PirateJC

From what I can tell, the link in the docs looks ok? Bringing in @RaananW to help guide us on this one.

Link in the docs is OK, model is loading, but navigation bar is disabled. As far as I know this is the only full example of the Viewer condiguration.

This is not a full example, this is a recreation of the default configuration in HTML. it is a very complex example that only shows what is possible with configuring the player yourself.

I have noticed as well that the buttons don’t work. Will have to check that. However, if you want a full example, the best one would be

BabylonJS Viewer - UFO located here - Babylon.js Viewer Examples | Babylon.js Documentation

I am writing configuration interface for BabylonPress Viewer that is why the example with the full working code is so important for me :slight_smile:
I hope later I will be able to expand the Documentation with some DOM examples of Viewer configuration.

got it.

I can say that it used to work correctly, so it might have been a small architectural change that we made and we simply didn’t check it. You can submit an issue on github, I will check that when I have the time.