Does Babylon Native support Babylon.GUI?

Hi, Currently i’m using Babylon Native for Android Apps. I’m trying to run an AR game that uses babylon.gui. I have tried:



and both of these approaches doesn’t work. In Babylon Native i get a black screen (android app log shows no errors). Does babylon native have GUI support? Are there plans to add GUI capabilities soon?

Thank you in advance.

Adding @bghgary

My understanding of Babylon Native was that anything that involves a Canvas element is not currently working in Native. Unfortunately, I think that includes BABYLON.GUI, since AdvancedDynamicTexture IIRC adds a render layer onto the canvas.

Of course, as Deltakosh mentioned, Gary would be the best authority on this :slight_smile:

I also have concern about 3DGUI too, since text for buttons is generated using a canvas for sure.

This is why I have continued working on my old Dialog extension, now XR-UIPortal, which has internal hand tracking. It is mesh based, even the text. I am not planning on supporting it, though I may publish a scene with it.

When I thought about it for a second, I realized that things like font loading (more akin to compiling a shader) and text blitting are all things that we get ‘for free’ from the Canvas in BABYLON.GUI. That and how the GUI controls mostly use CSS property strings for layout and styling also seems to track with the high complexity for replacing this in Native!

We don’t have GUI support yet. @Cedric has a prototype for this in a PR, but it is not ready for merging yet. It will be some time before we can support GUI.

Any forward progress on this?

You can follow the progress in this issue: Canvas polyfill (GUI & Text rendering) · Issue #616 · BabylonJS/BabylonNative (