[GUI & Editor] Panel on/off

I have two question.

  1. GUI tutorials.
    I’m finding ‘BabylonJS’ editor’s GUI(2D Panel & Button) tutorials.
    Now, i’m used ‘AdvancedDynamicTexture’ in a .tsx script.
    What should I do in the Editor?
    I found about only ‘3D objects & material’ tutorials.

  2. Scene Export & Import.
    I want export & Import GUI Panels.
    So, wonder how export ‘scene file’ at ‘BabylonJS’ editor’s.
    And import .babylon format at my script.tsx.

Thank you!

So if I understand correctly, your question is about the editor ?

Adding @julien-moreau who is the mastermind behind the editor.

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@nedcrow I’m not sure to understand all. Are you asking to know if the BabylonJS Editor supports GUI?
GUI is not supported yet, only 3D content is supported.

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Thank you!
And if able creating and place UI panel in the BabylonToolkit + Unity?

i’m finding how to see & place that UI panels. (ㅠㅠ)

@nedcrow I’m not sure to understand the request ^^
Can you elaborate and tell me what you would like to do?


Example is…
Create BABYLON.GUI Object on unity scene or hierarchy.
And export this scene or code file.

Is it impossible?
Using the Babylon Toolkit too? :sob:

@nedcrow, unfortunately the GUI support is not planned yet in the BabylonJS Editor but maybe @MackeyK24 wants too :slight_smile:

Supporting GUI needs a lot of work to support serialization/parsing which is not yet available. Anyway, in the future i’ll be certainly be available :slight_smile:

So unfortunately…
Anyway, thank you again!