Does it works with react-native? I am facing multiple issue!?

I am facing issues on creating with React-native! Does it works good with it!

Hello! Please provide us a detailed description of your issues, with code reproduction if possible, or it will be impossible for us to help :slight_smile:


The app crashed.

I am beginner too. Can You provide which all detail you need to help me!

By now the app opens in the emulator and suddenly stops.
Looking forward to your help and learning.

Did you follow the setup instructions for using an Emulator?

I found installing HAXM was tricky - do you have a real device?

Once you get it running it does work! Do you have a real device to try with?

edit: I wasn’t able to get WSL running at same time - if you need that as well.

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Hello @Kumarcodes just checking in, are you still having issues?