Does scroll view rect window support mobile scrolling?

I’ve read through the docs and can’t find a reason why I can’t use the scroll view rect window to scroll, it seems the only way is by the side bar control.
Is this supported out of the box or do I need to implement it?

Pinging @Evgeni_Popov who spent a lot of time recently in this control

Well, you can scroll by using the mouse wheel(s) too.

I don’t know anything regarding mobile development, but shouldn’t the mouse wheel be translated to some specific gesture on the mobile that would do the same thing?

This is for a touch screen. There’s also no click to drag.

maybe you try connect event listener to scroll pane?

So just to confirm the scroll view doesn’t support this out of the box?

The only thing related to events done in the ScrollViewer class is:

this._onPointerObserver = scene!.onPointerObservable.add((pi, state) => {
        this._onPointerObserver = scene!.onPointerObservable.add((pi, state) => {
            if (!this._pointerIsOver || pi.type !== PointerEventTypes.POINTERWHEEL) {
            if (this._verticalBar.isVisible == true) {
                if ((<MouseWheelEvent>pi.event).deltaY < 0 && this._verticalBar.value > 0) {
                    this._verticalBar.value -= this._wheelPrecision;
                } else if ((<MouseWheelEvent>pi.event).deltaY > 0 && this._verticalBar.value < this._verticalBar.maximum) {
                    this._verticalBar.value += this._wheelPrecision;
            if (this._horizontalBar.isVisible == true) {
                if ((<MouseWheelEvent>pi.event).deltaX < 0 && this._horizontalBar.value < this._horizontalBar.maximum) {
                    this._horizontalBar.value += this._wheelPrecision;
                } else if ((<MouseWheelEvent>pi.event).deltaX > 0 && this._horizontalBar.value > 0) {
                    this._horizontalBar.value -= this._wheelPrecision;