Does sprite have non attenuation function

For example, the sprite function of threejs:

It will probably be easier to use regular planes with a perspective camera in this case.

EDIT: Oh scratch that, if you set the position of a sprite on the Z-axis it will already provide the attenuation :slight_smile: Sprites Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

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Yes, I understand. What I need is that no matter how far the z-axis is, the size of sprite is fixed. How to do it?

You can change the sprite size depending on the distance to the camera:

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Sprite changes slightly as the mouse wheel scrolls. This is not a good idea. The sizeattention of Sprite in three.js works well.
So is there a similar function in Babylon

By what I see on three.js’s documentation, it’s doing the exact same thing as we do. :slight_smile:

Try using camera radius instead of distance to sprite. That seems to fix the jittering issue while zooming.