Keeping a sprite the same size independent of camera zoom

I’d like to add some little markers and labels on specific positions of a model, but I’d like to always have them displayed in the same size on screen independent from the camera’s zoom.
Do I need to write my own scaling code for this or does BJS have this option built in?


If you rely on sprite yes, else you might consider relying on gui for those ? Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation

Great! thanks.

I played with it a bit with the GUI.
However I am not sure if I can replicate the functionality i was able to create with the sprites here: Babylon.js Playground
Meaning the graphic would turn with the mesh and also be hidden from sight when behind it.
Is this possible?
Thanks a lot

Oh yes you won be able to occlude them :frowning: so sprites would be the way and when you have the maths making them distance independant, feel free to share and I ll gladly share it back as a new feature in the framework.

Ok. Then I need to get my brain active again … :slight_smile:

This would be a great addition :slight_smile: