Download scene to .gif

How can I download scene to a GIF file?

To record my screen as a gif I use this wonderful tool: ScreenToGif

I need to get a gif from a canvas.
For js there is GitHub - antimatter15/jsgif: Save a HTML5 Canvas to GIF and Animations. A port of as3gif GIFPlayer to JS but I can’t connect it to babylon js

You can normally do it from the inspector in the tools tab:

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Can this be implemented in the playground or on the website page?

It is in the playground already in the inspector :

I want to implement this on my website.
I found in the documentation only this:

I found this section, but this is how I get a set of images

Our implementation for the inspector is available here Babylon.js/toolsTabComponent.tsx at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub