GUI loads GIF images

Let me ask you a question. I want to load my Gif image in my custom loading screen. I’ve seen the official document in BabylonJS, but I didn’t understand what it depicted.Have any friends ever done this? For guidance
This is the playground that I learned from

The playground shows you how to use your own loading screen. As you can see it lets you create your own html

You should just be able to replace that code:

  this.loadingSquare = new BABYLON.GUI.Rectangle();
        this.loadingSquare.width = 0.3;
        this.loadingSquare.height = 0.2;
        this.loadingSquare.color = "red";
        this.loadingSquare.background = "red"; = "-20%";

by an image tag that loads your GIF

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Ok, you mean let me write a GIF load and then replace this script

It seems that Babylon doesn’t provide a load mode of GIF

Just use regular html image tag

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