Downloadable Full Distribution of Babylon.js

Is there a full distribution of babylon.js that I can download and run on a local host (without an internet connection). I’ve tried to make one, but can’t get glb’s to render (no errors thrown) so must be missing a support or map file. I’ve read the similar questions/answers but cant see that there has been a definitive answer.

Here is the example - Getting Started - Chapter 1 - Setup Your First Web App | Babylon.js Documentation
If you would change the links to assets and .js files it will work locally.

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I have copied all, what I believe are, the necessary libraries to my local server and everything is working on my local host fine (without an internet connection) apart from where I am using imported meshes specifically glb files. I don’t want to install xcode,homebrew and npm, so I am asking what additional files do I need to enable my project to run on my standalone server. I am getting no missing files being flagged in browser console, so what am I missing ?

Here is the PG - Babylon.js Playground
If you click at Download button you’ll be able to download any PG example and use at your localhost.
I attach zip file here for you to test.
sample (1).zip (3.9 MB)