DUDE STORY - Watch Tower - Episode 001


I took time to think this over. Arriving at TWO QUESTIONS:

  1. Of ALL the Social Injustices - what is the TOP STORY you would tell?

And then,

  1. What METHOD would give YOUR STORY - “highest chance for moral success”?


For a target audience… of a family with a flock of young children (my “team”) - I can only choose BABYLON.CARTOON. Because that’s what they like! Can’t do horror. So…


Who to affect? And again…

What is the most effective FORMAT, that you could use, to express - YOUR STORY?

FINAL POINT: isn’t it fortunate - YOU ARE ABLE to say it in STEREOSCOPY!?! : )



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Hi aF… yeah, those are all thought-worthy questions and concerns. I realize that the less-than-wonderful reminders of facts-of-the-planet… sort of poo-poos on the sunny and clean lawn that most people paint-up for themselves.

But the facts of the story… the true story… is a higher priority than all the considerations you listed… about the story styling/telling. When you say “top story”… what measuring criteria are you using… to determine “top”? Top gut-wrench? Top life-saving possibilities? Top earth-saving? Top interesting and entertaining? Or maybe… top impact, no matter what emotion/point.

We’ve noticed, surely, that Wingnut is TRYING LIKE HELL… to give everyone a type of permission… to tell stories about people unnecessarily dying. This thread… is about storytelling, and where else would a Wingnut like me… TRY to influence? Some would say it’s not my place/biz to influence the topics of others’ stories… but I want to have an impact (and ‘a say’ about life on planet Earth) just like everyone else. When you have a microphone as tiny as mine, you turn it on and speak your mind and heart (and logic) at every possible opportunity.

I was/am a HUGE NASA space agency fan/follower. I watched every spacewalk, every docking, every piece of space station arrive and be installed. Every time the cameras caught a view of Earth, I would think “Hey, there “WE” are!”. It wasn’t long before I started treating all occupants of the planet… as “we”, and determined that there were NO “them” in the many types of us vs. them wars that we seem to fight on the planet’s surface. For example… when viewing the Earth from space… there seemed to be no reason at all… for “owning” land and trying to place borders around certain sections of the planet (ownership bordering). Borders/fences/titles-of-ownership just made no sense anymore, just like “thems” made no sense.

You can “feel” this same type of us-vs-them conversion… by watching the movie Independence Day… where the “us” became all Earth occupants/wildlife, and the “thems” were “outsiders”.

It was also interesting to see the spacestation crew’s love for each other, no matter the nationalities. The space station was a microcosm of what life on Earth… SHOULD be like… everyone on the same team, and everyone looking-out for each others’ well-being. The ISS is a wonderful example of “better”… of sharing… of caring… of our capabilities. The us-them “establishment” and money/ownership-based “cult”… had no power on the ISS. And so, true “human nature” came shining-through, and I got to watch it orbit-across the starry skies behind my house… on numerous occassions.

This all relates to yard fences, too… and the widespread use of the word “my” in common English. Ownership. My country, my people, my family, my business, etc… all related-to us vs. them bordering/wars (competing/rat-racing).

In a way, I am telling a story right now… yes? A story about storytelling shocky-yet-true stories… and why we don’t like to hear “bad things”… things that could ruin our fantasies/self-lies about who we REAL-ly are. Blinder-removal stories. Or even more specific… the story of blinders and “nuh uh” denials (rose-colored glasses). Why do we tend to like strawberry shortcake… far more than a bowl of green beans? Why do we seek “make me feel good” stories over “make me feel morally disgusting” stories?

Is the target audience… a priority? Not really, unless you’re peddling something. More important, maybe, is to determine what traditions/habits is general humankind… addicted-to, and how do we break the addiction… and relocate human heartstrings? The story of WHY people dislike disgusting-yet-true stories… might be THE “top” story, right? The story of storytelling. The story of the protective shells that humans wear… so they can avoid (forsake) certain distasteful stories.

3D is wonderful. It bedazzles the eyeballs and unleashes the imagination. A good question might be… "While the human is bedazzled by 3D, are their heartstrings and horse-logic about piles of dead bodies… more available for touching?

If I can steer BJS into being very well known… for telling stories that help the planet and reduce preventable deaths… that’s a worthwhile association in my book. The World Health Org NEEDS visualization apps… badly. Our games… need reminders within… about some atrocities happening nearby. You must admit… the numbers I spew, here… are shocking and delusion-destroying. It takes SOMEBODY to pierce the “avoid looking at this” shell that surrounds W.H.O. statistics. WHO better than we storytellers? Who else WILL?

When you have ONLY a little tiny microphone/amplifier… the underlying “cause” of the stories told into that mic… is everything. It doesn’t matter who the audience is, or how large. It doesn’t matter how fortunate YOU are, it matters how denied of survival supplies… the dead kids are, and why it happens. It matters… if “cost-of-living” eventually gets labeled as a terrorism device… which my investigations show it is.

Which social injustice? I choose the one that is most-atrocious, most-disgusting, most-needed to be stopped immediately. I hope others weigh the reasons for THEIR told stories… using the same criteria. We programmers tend to use logic, and logic dictates… the biggest problems come first. With mainsteam news ignoring the biggest problems, it is up to “us” to place “the biggest problem” labels… onto the ACTUAL biggest problems. Mainstream news uses ratings… but WE are smart enough to use W.H.O. statistics… who care nothing about ratings - only about accurate counting/measuring.

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DUDE, tell that STORY! : )

Episode 002…

It’s Halloween time… and the haunted house is very related to theater producers and audiences. The storytellers work on the back-side of things… and usually love it. The audience is on the other side, loving the story, too, and enjoying the production screw-ups.

VERY similar to a video game… two sided… audience side and storyteller side.

On the visual and aural avenues, webGL sims, haunted houses, theater, magicians… often use the art of illusion. But we all see intense stories… painted with only words, too. (books, Zork, etc) As Sheldon Cooper once said (about text adventure games)… “It uses the world’s most-powerful graphics chip… the imagination.”

I wish @gryff would visit and say some words. He’s been a little busy, and he has been grappling with screen darkness… in some of his stories. (I hope ya don’t mind me taking it public, G-man). We just cannot count-on monitor screens and headgear, or real-life environment lighting NEAR the computer monitor… to be consistent. So, the visual darkness of the story/game… is essentially a useless storytelling tool, at this time (in a gfx-story, but still available in a words-story/imagination-story).

Anyway, I’m all over the place in THIS post. I started thinking about the storytelling of haunted houses… tiz the season. This evening… a hundred oddly-dressed children will climb the 7 porch steps to my door… for an oatmeal-marshmallow-creme Little Debbie cookie. It’s a weird time in America… for the story-telling kids, and for the audience Wingnut… applauding with individually-wrapped cookies. :slight_smile:

We’re going to need physics soft-bodies for good rubber guts, right? There goes the perf. sigh.

All in all… BOO! :slight_smile: Happy Halloweenershnitzel


@Wingnut : Well Wingy, I was thinking about it - a pumpkin head on a certain gentleman with a strange haircut, and something I started long ago - that involved wandering about picking up 8 pages/notes. But the latter has issues - to do with copyright and the nasty consequences from that game seen, I believe, in the state of Wisconsin.

Sometimes the meaning for the “audience and the story teller” is a little different, and the impact on Mr Cooper’s graphics chip becomes alarming.

As for my time - things are easing a bit, but right now I’m struggling with skyboxes - trying for a dull overcast sky. All the images I find - bright and sunny - :grin:

But to quote someone from a movie about storytelling, " Sometimes you fall asleep - then you start wandering"

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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