Earth³ - Interactive solar system


Hello everyone !

I created an interactive solar system with babylon js in order to promote my short film. It is available on the website :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to be spoiled it’s better to watch the film first ^^

Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


As I said in Polycount forum, very nice project :wink:

Nice idea about the BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera.prototype.moveTargetTo! I will take note about that :nerd_face:

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You are everywhere ^^

well, i’m pretty sure i stole the idea somewhere but i don’t remember where it was :smiley:

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EXCELLENT :smile: :smile: :smile:

Its kinda fun concept expect for the fact the dudes dead from that rocket…

Other then that, fun film! I like the different shaped planets for sure.

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Excellent!!! This deserves a place on our homepage! @PirateJC

Are you supporting the Flat Earth Society or is it a satiric page?

I obviously support the Cube Earth society ^^ (only)


Lol!! we had a debate in the team as I was sure it was satiric but the link to their site made some members uneasy ;D

By the way fantastic work!

Well, I have to quote my sources :smiley:

I edited the page to make the satiric idea clearer :wink:
(can take a little bit of time to propagate for CDN reasons)

I love this!

@Guigoz are you good with us posting this to our community page?

yes, sure :slight_smile:

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It’s now live:

The earth is a torus, it is obvious. Here is a real image from a real satellite:


What I’ve learned from this thread is that Mercury is a Hot Dog


RaananW> no, that’s a picture of mars, look at my solar system it’s obvious, but maybe martians destroyed there planet for some reason ^^


Well, nowadays you can’t be sure anymore;) There are people who can elect a banana for president and others that think that the world must be a banana - which would likely be the most obvious reason for having all those people choose a banana for president… Satiric or not, I do appreciate this sense of ‘british humor’ (and the design and result). GJ @Guigoz ,

Hi @Guigoz
Hope you are well. I’m building a 3D Commerce demo with a sense of this ‘British humor’ you seem to like (you know, just to sort of balance the overall commerce thing). I did my own text version for the development phase of the demo. Not sure these will be endorsed by GM;) so I will likely have to change’em a little in the final version. Anyways, I’m featuring some kids version of a chair cushion fabric in the scene and I was wondering if you would let me feature your work on the new defining of our galaxy (for educational purpose of course;). Here a couple of screenshots (WIP). Please let me know if you would grant me the usage of your copyrighted design and thinking.
Thanks and have a solar day,

Hello Mawa,

you can use it :wink: My visuals are basically under CC0 (the full project is not because of external sources I used that are mainly under CC by, but it’s not the case for wallpapers for example.

You can credit me and make a link to the website if you want to (I appreciate it :slight_smile: ) but you don’t have to :wink:

Sure will do. I’m happy to feature your work and shall also credit you for this.
Will let you know… Shouldn’t be too long now. Thanks for your quick and positive response. Much appreciated.
Cya soon,