Earth³ - Interactive solar system


Hello everyone !

I created an interactive solar system with babylon js in order to promote my short film. It is available on the website :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to be spoiled it’s better to watch the film first ^^

Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


As I said in Polycount forum, very nice project :wink:

Nice idea about the BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera.prototype.moveTargetTo! I will take note about that :nerd_face:

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You are everywhere ^^

well, i’m pretty sure i stole the idea somewhere but i don’t remember where it was :smiley:

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EXCELLENT :smile: :smile: :smile:

Its kinda fun concept expect for the fact the dudes dead from that rocket…

Other then that, fun film! I like the different shaped planets for sure.

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Excellent!!! This deserves a place on our homepage! @PirateJC

Are you supporting the Flat Earth Society or is it a satiric page?

I obviously support the Cube Earth society ^^ (only)


Lol!! we had a debate in the team as I was sure it was satiric but the link to their site made some members uneasy ;D

By the way fantastic work!

Well, I have to quote my sources :smiley:

I edited the page to make the satiric idea clearer :wink:
(can take a little bit of time to propagate for CDN reasons)

I love this!

@Guigoz are you good with us posting this to our community page?

yes, sure :slight_smile:

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It’s now live:

The earth is a torus, it is obvious. Here is a real image from a real satellite:


What I’ve learned from this thread is that Mercury is a Hot Dog

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RaananW> no, that’s a picture of mars, look at my solar system it’s obvious, but maybe martians destroyed there planet for some reason ^^


Well, nowadays you can’t be sure anymore;) There are people who can elect a banana for president and others that think that the world must be a banana - which would likely be the most obvious reason for having all those people choose a banana for president… Satiric or not, I do appreciate this sense of ‘british humor’ (and the design and result). GJ @Guigoz ,