Duplicating a plan

Hello dear community,
I’m new to babylon.js and need someone to help me solve a small pb

Indeed, I created a plan that contains an image and i want to duplicate it in order to have two parralel plans!
Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 11.47.57|657x500
Here’s an image of my actual scene.

Thank you for your attention

Hi @Ali , welcome to the forum.

I am not sure what you mean when you say “plan”, but most babylon objects (like the mesh, material and so on) can be cloned using the clone function. If you want to duplicate a mesh - you can see the examples here Clones | Babylon.js Documentation

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I guess the “plan” is “plane”. :wink:


Right! The first thing I had in mind was a floor-plan, but a plane makes a lot more sense…

clone will work on a plane :slight_smile:


Thank you @RaananW for this trick
I’ve copied the code for building the first object (the image) qnd just changed its name.
Although, it’s an old way but it worked. I will try using the clone trick to simplify my code.

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@RaananW, @musk
Thank you for your responses
Yess, i meant a plane