Interaction between Blender object in glb and object cloned in Babylon


I am attempting the following and I can’t seem to find the right incantation.

  1. build a Blender scene with a “Wall” object and an “Occupant” object.
  2. Import the scene into Babylon. Seems to work, all meshes are recognized in console.log(scene.meshes)
  3. Use the .clone() function to create a new Occupant called “Occupant2”
  4. Now I want to send a ray from Occupant1 to Occupant2

When I run console.log(scene.meshes) I get the full list, but when I do the iteration, I only get the objects from the original blender file. There must be an async pattern I’m missing, could someone please point me to it?

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It’s very difficult to diagnose with a description only, you should setup a repro in the Playground ( for us to be able to help. This doc can help you host the assets to be used in the PG: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

Point taken, trying to work up the example here: However, I can’t even get the clone to appear at the moment.

Have a look at the browser console for help when errors occur: