Dynamic and Procedural Virtual Photo Gallery version 5

I keep re-writing my virtual gallery when I run into metaphorical walls :wink:
This is my current version (5th). I couldn’t get the automatic performance downgrade functions to work in the api, so I have manually coded in various performance and mobile device detection options. My aim was to get the gallery to run on as many devices as possible. My second aim was to get the gallery to be dynamic, so that it automatically changes it size, dependant of the size of the exhibition. I have sacrificed a lot of textures to keep loading times down and so have avoided the requirement for a ‘please wait while loading …’ screen/message. The only thing that has defeated me, is making the images/photo fit the user’s browser window. … well I suppose it’s time to write version 6 :wink:


Yes, I saw that. It’s a bit sad given the quality of what is presented here. I luv the BW portraits. Did you make these shots? GL with version 6 and let us know when it’s done.

Yes :slight_smile: I have two hobbies. Photography and Babylon.js :wink:

Amazing. Well, I’m already a fan of the first one;) And also for some of the artworks. I find these portraits stunning… The emotion, the context, the work with the lights and shadows. This is great photography. I also really like the 3D gallery idea and your real in BJS is probably one of the best I have seen so far. Though, I’m still not entirely convinced. I’m missing something with these 3D galleries… may be in the overall feeling/atmosphere. It’s very hard to somehow sublime an artwork using 3D and free move. Especially, when the artwork is very good, right?
In fine, the gallery should serve your art. You should always keep this in mind when building. Probably the best and may be only advise an old art director like myself can give you;)